Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Marker Map charts In Excel (at Country Level)

If you want to create country level map chart with markers using Google Map in Excel. Snapshot below -


Download working file India
Download Working file USA
Steps to use
  • Download any of the file
  • Go to “Data” sheet
  • Choose Country in cell “B2″. Make sure code appears in cell “C2″ . This code tells Google map which country to display . List of codes is available here
  • Put the HTML code of minimum and maximum color for markers in cell “F2″ and “F3″ . List of HTML code is easily available over net or you can pick it from here
  • Add the state names and the value in Col “A” and “B” from row 7 onwards .
  • You can change the header of Sales column to “Population” ,”Market Share” , etc as per your requirement . Make sure you do not change “State”. It should be spelled as state only
  • Once you add the state names and sales . Click on Update map button. Make sure spell of state mentioned should be correct else it will display error
Note (before you run the update map macro)

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