Friday, June 1, 2012

World Map on Excel Using X Y Scatter CHART

If you want to show your office locations/Delivery center locations world wide on a map in excel.

Snapshot below


Steps to create :
  • Take a blank world map and paste it on excel worksheet
  • Add  x and y scatter chart on the map
  • Fix the x and y axis of the chart . Do not keep them manually
  • Start adding the x and y coordinates manually.Like see range("Q2:S2")
  • Create the database of x and y coordinates for each country Like" Lookup worksheet" World Map automated.
  • Write a macro to add series automatically to the map on click
  • Please download "steps to create a world map on excel.xlsx" to understand it better
Download working file "Example 1" and "Example 2"  and use it
Steps to use
  • Goto "Source Data" worksheet 
  • Clear all the data of Col A to D of this worksheet  from row 2 on wards.
  • Add the "Type" and "Country" manually in Col A and B
  • Keep Column C and D blank. It will be automatically filled by macro
  • Goto "Map" sheet and click on create map button.
Country names pasted in column B should match with the country names in "Lookup" sheet  For example use USA not united states ( as in Lookup sheet i have used USA)
i have added only 100 countries in the "Lookup" sheet in case if you want to show any country which is not in "Lookup" sheet . Please read the instructions on  "Lookup" sheet

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