Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Print Names of all sub folders in Outlook Inbox

If you want to know the names of all the sub folders in Outlook Inbox.

Here is the code-

Option Explicit
Dim prnt As String
Sub print_folder_names_and_path_for_all_outlook_subfolder_in_inbox()
'tools->refrence->microsoft outlook
Dim olapp As Outlook.Application
Dim olappns As Outlook.Namespace
Dim oinbox As Outlook.Folder
Dim oFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder
Set olapp = New Outlook.Application
Set olappns = olapp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set oinbox = olappns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
'Set oinbox = oinbox.Folders("Ashish")
For Each oFolder In oinbox.Folders
Call subfolders(oFolder)
End Sub

Private Sub subfolders(oParent As Outlook.MAPIFolder)
Dim oFolder1 As Outlook.MAPIFolder
' you can add it to excel sheet or access table
MsgBox oParent.Name
'to know path
MsgBox oParent.FolderPath
'to know parent folder
MsgBox oParent.Parent
' mail count
MsgBox oParent.Items.Count
'unread mails count
MsgBox oParent.Items.Restrict("[UnRead] = True").Count
If (oParent.Folders.Count > 0) Then
For Each oFolder1 In oParent.Folders
Call subfolders(oFolder1)
End If
End Sub

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