Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dynamic Source Data for Pivot Table Using Offset Function

you can use offset function to create a dynamic source for the pivot . Dyanmic source here means every time you add anew rows of data to the pivot table you need to click on pivot then go to change data source option and increase the range of data in source (In Excel 2007 select pivot then go to Option menu -> change source data.) Snapshot below

to avoid above step every time you add a new data or rows in source for pivot

we can use a dynamic source and create a pivot using that

Steps to create a dynamic source for pivot

1. right click on source data and choose name a range. you will see a window like below.

here is the formula to make a dynamic range


Data!$A$1 = is the staring cell of data
0 keep it zero always
0 keep it zero always
COUNTA(Data!$A:$A) = it will count no of rows filled
4 = no of columns in source data
and click on ok

(Data! - is sheet name of source data)

type source( or the name you have given to dynamic source data) in the source data of pivot

Now whenever you will add new data to source you don't need to go again and agian to change pivot source data it will automatically pic it up


  1. This isn't working for me in Excel 2010. I either get an error about the reference data being invalid, or it will allow me to select "OK" and appears to have changed the source...except when I re-open the "Change Source Data," it is the original data field, not my new offset

  2. @thebelgers - are you sure. Is it possible to share the sample workbook.

  3. also if you want to know more about pivots visit


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