Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Function To Sum cells on the basis of font color

Suppose you want to add cells on the basis of font color. Snapshot below-

Here is the function-

Function sum_colored_font_values(x As Range, su As Range)
Dim Y As Range
Dim sm1 As Long
For Each Y In su
If Y.Font.Color = x.Font.Color Then
sm1 = sm1 + Y.Value
End If
Next Y
sum_colored_font_values = sm1
End Function

type like sum_colored_font_values(f9,$A$2:$A$23)
"$A$2:$A$23" - is a range in which you have to sum the cell values .

"f9" - is a cell having font color

the function will return the sum of values in a range passed who are having the font color same as of "f9"

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